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About Malice
Code of Conduct

 1) "Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.” This means respecting their opinions, even when you don’t agree. Understand that there are real people behind the characters, and that everyone has their own ideas, goals, and problems.

 2) Follow all rules and conditions of the EULA. No Exceptions! Although we are all paying players, this is still Blizzard's game, so we have to ensure we follow their rules.

 3) Members must act like adults and in a respectable/professional manner at all times. Disagreements and problems are a fact of life, but it is up to every member to deal with them in the appropriate manner, to work to find solutions or to agree to disagree. Personal attacks in guild, vent, shouts, tells or other channels will not be tolerated.

 4) WoW is a game and jokes, friendly banter and smart ass remarks are part of playing the game. However there is a point where jokes become crude, cruel or offensive and that will not be tolerated. Comments which are sexist, racist, sexually explicit, about ones sexual orientation or otherwise offensive will not be tolerated.

 5) Members should avoid conflict with guildmates and outer guild people. Sometimes this requires you to be the "bigger person” so to speak. Problems with guildmates, other guilds or individuals outside of the guild should be brought to the attention of the guild leaders, officer(s) or raid leaders. At that point the guild leader, officer(s), or raid leader can attempt to deal with the situation to try to correct the problem. Guilds, like individuals, have reputations, and public fights do nothing but hurt everyone involved.

 6) Leaving from the guild as a form of protest is not acceptable. If a member leaves in this fashion it is not to be considered "leaving on good terms” and the member will have to come to a solution with the guild leader and/or officers of the guild before being allowed to return. This childish stunt will most likely result in you not returning.

 7) It is the responsibility of each member to remain active in the guild, including meetings, raids and guild activities within reason. Activity doesn't mean logging in on the weekends for TOGC/ICC raid's only. Activity means being available on the weekdays too. Real life outweighs any video game, but we expect general guild activity and not simply 'showing up for loot runs'.

 8 ) Members must be self sufficient – "God helps those that help themselves”, and so does the guild. The guild expects you to be able to work on your own or with the guild. Do not expect the guild to do everything for you and we will be there when you need us. Members are expected to help out – when the guild is asking and if you can help – do it. However, spamming guild chat for folks to take you through instances can be viewed as negative. Asking is one thing, spamming is another.

 9) Perception is everything. Members must not tarnish the guilds reputation in anyway. This includes spamming items in cities, speaking to new players in a superior tone, etc... We were all noobs once.

 10) Membership in the guild is on the basis that you understand and agree to follow all rules, procedures and practices.

Removal from the guild:

 1) Being removed from the guild is a difficult thing to do. Removal may occur by decision of the guild masters, by majority vote from the officers or guild membership majority vote.

 2) Members will typically not be removed without being spoken to first by the guild leader and/or officers as to what the problem(s) are, and what steps can be taken to correct the problem(s).

 3) Things that will result in guild removal include but are not limited to: being repeatedly disruptive of the guild and its functions, personal attacks or abusive behavior, ninja looting, stealing or defrauding anyone, violations of the EULA, or blatant disregard for the guild or its members, its policies or procedures.